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The GAMBAS middleware an open software platform that helps you to create better applications for your users and your customers. The GAMBAS middleware integrates advances in component-oriented software technology, interoperable data models built on semantic web standards, and powerful communication, security and privacy concepts. Building on top of GAMBAS can bring the following advantages to your applications:

Faster Application Development 

A key goal of GAMBAS is to ease application development by providing basic services to the developer. These services include a component system to capture and classify data, a data processing system to store and query (distributed) data as well as a communication system that enables not only device-to-server but also device-to-device interactions. In addition, GAMBAS encompasses development tools that will enable you to quickly build complex applications using these services – thereby, speeding up your development cycles. 

Higher Runtime Efficiency 

The subsystems of the GAMBAS middleware have been built with runtime efficiency as one of the main design goals. At the sensing and data processing level, GAMBAS can dynamically combine the request from multiple applications in order to avoid duplicate sampling and processing. At the query processing level, GAMBAS implements several novel concepts to compress data and speed up your queries. At the communication level, GAMBAS multiplexes connections in order to minimize communication overhead. 

Less Repetitive Code 

Let’s face it, many applications require you to write the same “basic framework” code over and over again. Examples include code to enable device-to-device communication, management of friend lists and user accounts, development of data models and storage techniques, etc. The GAMBAS middleware takes care of such tasks and provides a robust platform that allows you to focus on the novel concepts that make your application different – as opposed to the same old, same old. 

Future Ready Data 

The GAMBAS middleware is data-oriented. Instead of interacting with service endpoints that generate custom JSON and XML outputs, GAMBAS-based applications can leverage all benefits of semantic web technologies without incurring their negative performance impacts. To achieve this, the GAMBAS middleware and data processing system encompasses numerous optimizations that reduce data size and processing overheads without significant loss in flexibility. In addition, GAMBAS encompasses tools that will allow you to convert your legacy data into linked data easily.