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For Citizens

The GAMBAS project is developing an innovative software platform that helps application developers to create better applications for their users. From a citizen’s perspective, a typical GAMBAS application is running on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. It taps into the sensors of the device in order to determine the information needs of the citizen and uses services on the internet to provide the right information at the right time. 


In contrast to other platforms provided by some of the major players of the software industry, GAMBAS exhibits three main differentiating characteristics:
  1. The GAMBAS platform is open to third party developers. Thus, it allows small and medium enterprises to deliver advanced applications at low cost – thereby, improving competition and facilitating innovation. 
  2. The GAMBAS platform is distributed and interoperable. Thus, it not only enables data providers to offer information but it also allows applications to integrate data from different providers in an easy and efficient manner. 
  3. The GAMBAS platform is built on the principle that the data of the citizens should be stored and processed locally on the mobile device – unless they explicitly agree to share the data each other or a particular service provider. 


A number of demonstrations of the GAMBAS platform are available on the Google Play store. These demonstrations encompass a 
prototypical implementation of the GAMBAS middleware for Android as well as several simple but useful apps – such as GAMBAS Linked Weather or GAMBAS Voiceprint Launcher. Feel free to checkout our apps section for more information or search for “GAMBAS middleware” on Google Play. 

In addition, we have made several videos that detail the fundamentals of the different applications that we have built so fare. These videos include more complex applications – such as the GAMBAS Bus Navigator – which has been developed to support bus navigation in the city of Madrid, Spain. Although, these applications can also be downloaded, they are primarily targeted at the citizens of Madrid and thus, you might want to checkout our dissemination section to see and read more.