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GAMBAS Linked Weather

The GAMBAS Linked Weather app (Google Play) showcases the integration with 3rd party web services and provides a simple but useful weather application. The data source used by GAMBAS Linked Weather is which provides a free JSON API to retrieve current weather information and three-day forecasts for various cities.

Step 1: Adding Locations

The application enables you to add an arbitrary number of cities to your device. To add a new city start the application and press the add button. The application will then show a list of possible cities for which weather information is avaialble. By selecting one of the entries of the list, it will be added. You can repeat this step in order to add more cities.

Step 2: Syncing Forecasts

Once the cities are added, you can press the sync button to retrieve the latest weather information for each of them. Internally, tapping the sync button will issue a series of remote queries which will synchronize the local data storage with the remote data storage of the server.

Note that to successfully perform the synchronization, you must enable the remote communication capabilities of the GAMBAS middleware. Otherwise, the synchronization will fail since the remote queries cannot be executed.

Step 3: Showing Forecasts

When the synchronization is completed, you can tap any city to view the current forecasts. This will issue a series of local queries against the storage, to retrieve the forecasts for a city. At this point, there is no more need for remote interaction as the device already has the associated data.