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GAMBAS Voiceprint Launcher

The GAMBAS Voiceprint Launcher (Google Play) is an Android application developed on top of the GAMBAS middleware. The application uses the voiceprint technology developed as part of the GAMBAS project in order to enable the user to launch an application by issuing a voice command.

Step 1: Training

To enable the launching of applications via a voice command, you first need to train the launcher by creating recordings of the commands that shall start different applications. 

To begin with the training, you can add an application from the list of applications installed on the device. To do this, tap the add button (i.e. the white plus button) and select the application. The selected application will then be shown in the list. 

Then you can select the application by tapping on it in the list and press the train button (i.e. the button with the white headset) to start the training. Alternatively, you can press the delete button (i.e. the button with the white trash can) to delete the application and all training data. 

Once you have pressed the train button, a dialog appears that prompts you to say the application name loud. Once you have completed this, the launcher computes a voiceprint and stores it locally.

Step 2: Usage

As soon as you have trained one or more commands for applications, you can start the application by pressing the start button (i.e. the white microphone). 

This will open up a dialog that prompts you to say the application name out loud. Once you have done that, the application will compute a voiceprint and match it against all stored voiceprints. The closest match will be selected and the associated application will be started. 


Note that you can also add the voiceprint launcher widget to the home screen of your device. This allows you to directly access the launcher (i.e. without tapping the white microphone button).