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GAMBAS Madrid Navigator

The Madrid Navigator – one of the main results of the application development on top of the GAMBAS middleware – is freely available on the Google Play store.

Madrid Navigator enables users to navigate through the city of Madrid on foot or by using the public bus network. Madrid Navigator features a powerful step-by-step navigation that tells users which bus to take and where to leave.

The key features of Madrid Navigator include:

·         Hybrid offline maps and offline search for places in Madrid

·         Retrieval of bus timetables for all bus stops and all bus lines

·         Computation of walking routes within the city of Madrid

·         Computation of transit routes using the public bus network of Madrid

·         Accurate step-by-step navigation for trips with optional audio feedback

·         Retrieval of real-time in-bus location and route information

·         Integration of incidents captured by the bus network operator

·         Retrieval of nearby stops for arbitrary locations in the city

·         Visualization of the public bus lines and stops

·         Context-aware help to get new users started quickly