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This tutorial demonstrates how to use the GAMBAS data acquisition and context recognition framework on Android to develop a simple GAMBAS-based application to record and play audio an audio file.
The result of this tutorial is shown on the right side. It is an application with a single screen and a number of buttons with the following functions:
  • Record: Pressing this button will start the audio recording session by injecting a configuration into the GAMBAS middleware.
  • Stop: Pressing this button will stop the audio recording or playback sessing by removing the corresponding configuration from the GAMBAS middleware.
  • Listen: Pressing this button will play back the previously recorded file by injecting a configuration into the GAMBAS middleware.
  • Delete: Pressing this button will delete the recorded file from the SD card.
  • Send: Pressing this button will send the file, e.g. via email or bluetooth, to another person or device.
Before you start with this tutorial, make sure to download and install the SDK as well as the NARF Configuration Editor in Eclipse in order to manipulate the configuration.

In order to test the application, you can get a working version from the Google Play store. Using the application requires, of course, the GAMBAS middleware to be installed on your device as well.

The source code for this tutorial can be downloaded from the examples page or using this direct link.