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In this tutorial you will learn how to
  • write a remote query,
  • execute a remote query on a remote endpoint, 
  • write a distributed query,
  • execute a distributed query.

This tutorial assumes that you have read the recognition tutorial and the tutorial on how to work with local data. You should already know how to develop a simple Android app that accesses the GAMBAS middleware (using a subclass of AbstractService), how to model data in GAMBAS and how to add and query local data. 

Let’s get started with remote queries. Say we want to access some data that is stored by a user named “John” on his remote GAMBAS device. To achieve this, we need to issue a remote query to John’s device by using the GAMBAS system. The GAMBAS API actually has two different ways to do that: (1) a linked data oriented API and (2) an object-oriented API using the EntityManager framework. In this tutorial we showcase how to use the linked data oriented API.